Welcome to B.O.T.T.O.M.

Boys Of Thame Touring Oxfordshire's Margins

B-Graham, O-Andy, T-Leo, T-Jon, O-Peter, M-Barney

That's how we started, in 2003. Then we took on: Berkshire Because Every Rider Knows Southern Hills Is Really Easy!

After that it became a bit of a habit, so we carried on with: Buckinghamshire Braking Uphill Causes Knots In Nigel's Gyrating Hamstrings As Mother Should Have Informed Riders Earlier.

Then we did: Northamptonshire New Open Roads Take Him And Me Pedalling To Our Next Summit Happy In Revolutionary Eagerness.

Wiltshire Why Is Leo Taking Shortcuts? He Is Retiring Early!

Warwickshire We Accidentally Rode Widdershins. It Caused Knee Sores Here In Rural England.

In 2010 we frightened ourselves silly and over three days did Gloucestershire: Good Lord! Old United Cyclists Enjoying Something That Every Remotely Sensible Human Inevitably Rejects Entirely!

Bedfordshire and Hampshire in September 2011. (other acronyms)

2012 Dorset

2013 Spring Hertfordshire

Summer Oxfordshire the second: Only eXperts Fall Off Roads Doing Sock Hoists. It Ruins Everything!

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